Advantages of Using Organic Handmade Soap

So why buy organic soaps vs an over the counter brand?  Simple…..harmful chemicals.  Most over the counter soaps contain chemicals that will cause skin irritation.  Organic soaps are also known as true soaps, they are actually good for the skin and depending on what the ingredients are, may also help control certain types of skin conditions like eczema.

Arunkon Vass for example started a company called Simple Nut Organics. Here’s her story:

Arunkon Vass – a native of Thailand who immigrated to the United States,  mother of 2 highly energetic boys and founder of Simple Nut Organics has built a great reputation around her quality soaps bars which customers from all over the world love.   She started selling at local markets in Houston Texas and soon expanded online.

EthanHer soaps were originally made for her 2 sons, Ethan and ZachyZachary.  Both boys were born with a skin condition commonly known as eczema.  After much research, Arunkon learned that many over the counter soaps, even though labeled as soaps, are not true soaps according to FDA, but more a topical product which classifies as a cosmetic product or a drug. A topical labeled “soap” for example contains synthetic detergents, which are really classified as cosmetics not as soaps.

Products that claim to soften skin or relief eczema are classified as drugs.  Many of the over the counter products Arunkon had used on her boys would cause a lot of skin irritation and flare ups.  Not knowing where to turn, Arunkon decided to create a natural product with fats and oils to create what the FDA classifies as “true soap”.  The process she learned to make soaps is called cold process.

Cold process soap making uses oils such as coconut or olive oil for example with an alkali such as Lye which produces a process called saponification.  Saponification is the process where the combination of ingredients convert the lye and oils into soap.  From this learning process, Simple Nut Organics was born, its core ingredient, the finest organic coconut oil.